Hello players, we need you.

Join KRG Today!

We are a quick thinking, smart and friendly Team and takes games seriously when at battle against the many enemy clans. We have players with incredible aim and smart tactics to get around any situation that’s comes there way. Our team are Consistent with online players for you to play with at any time. Training with the team means you have more of an understanding of how we work and how we communicate with each other. We are very mature and have no young people involved.  

If you can show that you are good enough we will put you in the elite Team if not that’s fine! you can be in the recruit team still playing alongside representing KRG as your clan.

The games we play as a team:

-Rainbow six siege

-Call of duty




-Grand Theft Auto Online

and others for fun.

 To join and become best add one of the following (are team is strongest on ps4)

PSN: KRG_Liquid

Xbox: KRG Fury