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Hi my clan is all about fun and teamwork. Also if you join my clan and change your name the first part is Lazer_ then what ever you want. Guys This is my new clan but I had a old clan Named tigervison_ but I forgot the email to it so Lazer_ Is my new one.   Guys always look o. Website I always schedule events so look out

We Are Not Toxic join if you’re not toxic.

Things I like in my clan
No inappropriate words
No being mean
Things I don’t like In my clan
Inappropriate language
Being mean

Things we do in my clan
Box fights
Have fun

Also I love fortnite so if you like fortnite or not join. This is My fortnite clan I’m the leader we always be lots of fun and if you play fortnite everyday join please.     Guys/ladies also this is a boy & girl clan and also anyone can join so if you’re good or bad  please join
Please join🥺🥺🥺



These are tryouts if I’m not on “Revenge tell me when I get on again please” we’ll reschedule it to the next day 


If I’m not here it will be the 16th

I may be a little late so maybe 6:05 or 6:10 if I’m not on fortnite at the time 

Bhe game for fun ffa or 1v1’s

Get 10 kills in any game then show me a picture

Please attend if you can it will be a private bhe so if you want. We’re only doin go 10 players and we’re going to have fun 

Hi guys today we’re playing bhe we’re only doing 5  players so attend quick it’s going to be a private game so we practice maybe for a clan war

Hi guys here are some box fights we can play please attend if you can we’re trying to make it either 2v2 or 4v4 please join

Hi please attend ayo clix you’ll help me decide

Hi guys if you add me I will be hosting a bhe tomorrow night what is December 12th at 7pm Est Might be a little late maybe 7:30 or 7:00 I’ll say tomorrow 

Hi guys here are tryouts or just fun bhe just remember to add my epic so you can join me my epic is lazer_strikes22 and I might not be on at 3 if not 3 we’ll do it at 4 and remember there’s still Sunday night bhe at 7 or 7:30