[MEP] Middle EastPorts

 We are a middle eastern competitive clan, meaning we ONLY accept people who play on the Eu fortnite region, Knowing the arabian language would be best case but english is also fine. MINIMUM of 100 total wins. Has to 1v1 the leader and see how good of a player he is. LEADERS NAME: MEP Arrow, add me on discord too: SkeptikArrow#0547



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  • Twinzz04

    I’m looking for a clan

    Twinzz04 — I’m looking for a clan to join so I can be able to play tournaments or so ! All my old clans play creative tournaments and I want someone to play fortnite tournaments with !
    • MEP Mido

      How to join the clan

      MEP Mido — Send us your epic account or psn account and we will try you if anyone from the clan will accept you. You will official be in Middle EastPorts (MEP)