Misfits Gaming Community

Misfit Gaming is an awesome community of friendly gamers. Open to both casual and competitive players across all platforms for many games!l. This is a newly established group that is still growing but is going to be one of the best ones out there!  Come join us and check out our current giveaway for a 12 month PSN code! 

Click this link to get started on joining us! 

From the reminisce of a band of Outcasts, through the ashes The Misfits were born. Players from all different consoles banned together from the corrupt & broken system lead by the Hood & Sickle to help grow this community & make it what it is today!
Here in our fiery depths we have many different creatures creeping about. You’ll find a home here whether you play PC, PlayStation or Xbox. 
In the underworld we have many worthy competitors for our pro teams, do you think you’re worthy of representing this band of misfits? Try your luck today!
The players who just want to play socially, find that via our Games Channel & you’re encouraged to interact with our other lurking creatures in the Gen Chat  , this is a great way to interact with the community & to make friends!
Social interaction is the biggest goal of this server!
So now you know the basics of the server, hope you take a chance with us & become a dangerous creature lurking about along with others who may not be what they seem.
Also be sure to check out our giveaway happening for a 12MO PSN Code!!



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