We require at least 10 wins, we are in this clan for wins and fun, no age requirement must have 500+ kills 1. No swearing 2. NO BULLYING 3. Have fun. Also, have a mic for communication purposes. No tryouts, for now just add me on fortnite @Myst NicoSalty and we can play also my email is join the discord:



Who wants to do clan wars against another clan?

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Guys this is 8 am east time  

Just joined and wanna play with someone

Who wants to play duo's?? my epic gamertag is POBLOTHECHICKEN 

Just chillen wanna try to get to champion league 7 my epic is :FaZe_ZAlN btw the I is a L


Looking to get my 122nd squad win 🔥🔥🔥 Gamer tag Goldenmonkey978 Epic name QSA-SEB

Tournament to see who comes on top for the clan

members of Myst will be playing for fun and be getting to know each other. this will be happening September 13 from 8:00 PM-10:00 PM Eastern time, i may or may not be on that does not matter just make sure everyone has added each other

Just a pre meet playground/ squad event, everyone try to attend