Odins RightEye

Guild Name: Odins RightEye
Guild description: PVP, Raid, Guild Wars, Landmark Conquests and Professions, exploration of all maps and achievements all achievements that are possible to get for a guild, we want them!!!!! :-)
Guild history: Founded in 2017 this guild supports new players to achieve their objectives in the game. If they want equipment they will have to supply the materials, if they want materials the guild will supply them, but the merchants will have to create armor at no added costs to those who trade materials for armor.
Player Age Limit for this Guild is 18+
Rules of the guild:
Log off Drama when you log into WOW, you are here to have fun and so are we.
Bring your best humor to the game and share it so we can all have a good time.
Guild Dungeons and events at least once a week. The events can be anything, from a dungeon or raid, to simply run arround finiding cool spots to fish, or to just find one of the officers that will give clues of where they are. Prizes will be given once in a while.
Prizes could be Gold, or something nice to boost your character (a free gem, a peace of armor, anything that our guild merchants would like to share with the winner of the event.....whatever is available)
Those that would like to follow the route of professions and not fight, you will be supplied with materials from the characters that only want to fight (Rankings of: Thral, Vikings, Valkyres and ...)
Those who supply the guild with materials for the crafts will be awarded with guild made armor and weapons and free updates to the equipement. All extras will be sold in the auction house for profit and 10% of the gold for the guild's bank so we can buy cool things and matching equipement for everyone, using the guild's Gold for that effect.



Greetings, We will be doing some dungeons. We will be runing All the classics so we can get the first guild achievement "Guild Classic Dungeon Master". I am open for suggestions though.