This is a Fortnite clan. You can be Casual or Competitive. Preferably controller players, but I’ll take anyone. To join, 1v1 me, best out of three, you win, you join. Add me @FIFAForinitekill. Text me @ my Discord here
Thanks for joining, spread the news

Upcoming Events

  • 1v1 tryouts

    You all have to 1v1 me @ FIFAForinitekill, at this time for Tryouts. I might cancel btw, sorry about the inconvenience, I’ve been busy, official tryouts Wensday, July 24th, at 11:00 o’clock am. I will be there, plz don’t forget about this

    Are you going?


  • Rizll-Dizzle YT


    Rizll-Dizzle YT — Text/ talk to me on my Discord here I will check there much more then here, and will be more active 
    • DeathBed


      DeathBed — Hey this my first clan I am on mobile 13 years of age and wanted to one v one to warm up 
      • Pu1seVeX


        Pu1seVeX — I'm logging on fortnite rn so if the leader of this clan wants to 1v1 so I can try to join the clan we can
        • Rizll-Dizzle YT

          Event mistake

          Rizll-Dizzle YT — Sorry guys, I made the event a day early, plz 1v1 tomorrow 
          • Eththedefault

            Add me

            Eththedefault — My name is Eththedefault 
            • Savage_Wolf09


              Savage_Wolf09 — I just looked at your Bio, and I’m sorry to say that we won’t be having hunting rifles in the 1v1 tryouts
              • Rizll-Dizzle YT

                TDB 2000

                Rizll-Dizzle YT — I will, I’ll add you ,my name is FIFAForinitekill