[PHX] Phoenix

This clan is made up of players that have been playing Fortnite Battle Royal from the very beginning, and now we wish to extend the clan. We are looking for other players that are good at teamwork and are capable to adapt to new situations. The main objectives of this clan is to have fun and make new friends, as well as, to later on compete in tournaments.


Our current members are from Northern Ireland and England, but we accept anyone from anywhere.


The entry requirement are that you will have to play a couple of Duo’s with one of us. During these games we will assess your gameplay and communication skills. If we feel satisfied then you may proceed to the next step, which is meeting the clan members. 


If you would like to join contact on Thaiion on PlayStation.


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • The Beginning

    Hello to every one of you who has joined this clan and sorry for the lack of communication lately (due to personal life).  On Sunday, I will be organising a couple of squad games with whomever would like to join. It will also be a time to get to know you all, as well as to assess each one of your...


  • Assassin


    Assassin — what’s the discord of this clan?

      i would like to join the clan.

      XZENEVAX —  I would like to join the clan and have a game or 2 to show you what I'm capable of.
      • duniod99


        duniod99 — what do u do if u have a xbox?
        • Antony

          Looking for Fortnite Clan

          Antony — I’m just looking for a clan that will have fun and have a competitive team also. I don’t know how many wins I have but between the two accounts I have it’s definitly over 200. Message me on ps4 @ A...
          • xgogi

            I want to join in the clan pls v:

            xgogi — Pls my ID is: xgogi300
            • Supernova4999


              Supernova4999 — Trying to join psn: Supernova4999
              • T.E.T

                Looking for a clan.

                T.E.T — hi there I am looking for a clan and was wondering if I could trial out with you guys I have over 400 wins and really want to join a clan and compete in some tournaments. If you guys are interested...
                • miniwazz


                  miniwazz — I want to join the clan- add me mini_wazz
                  • FortniteLFC

                    LFC. (Looking for clan)

                    FortniteLFC — I would like to join the clan plz reply soon!
                    • STORM-Rose1

                      Want to join clan

                      STORM-Rose1 — add me on psn STORM-Rose1