Destiny 2 Clan!




This is a new clan wanting a strong female aswell as male presence!


Have your previous clans been male dominated? Do you want to play with other girl gamers? 


I want to create a clan with as many girls as guys, play destiny and have fun! 


Being 18+ is preferred , but if not make sure you are aware you could be playing with older gamers. :)


Abuse will not be tolerated, to make sure it is a fun experience for everyone!


Please get in touch if you are interested, we have a Discord chat up and running for members!


Other things: 


Have a mic


Use discord


Be fairly active


Help your clan out and they will help you.


We would love some experienced players to help beginners as-well!



We would love to have you!


Violet :)


Send message on XBOX to Vi0letDiam0nd or FlameNiffler asking to join our clan



No upcoming events.


No dicussions.