Project Kraken eSports

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Project Kraken is a start-up clan with the intentions of playing competitively against other clans and through wager style matches. We currently have a Discord, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch accounts.
What are we trying to do? Well, in short we are trying to build a community for gamers. A place to build friendships, compete online in serious or casual teams for various games. 
The first team we are focusing on is for Dota 2. This team will be Captained by Mattseee who has reached 'Immortal' rank. We hope to have teams competing in Warzone, Warcraft III among other games by the end of this year.
In addition to this, we offer support and exposure to streamers and content creators. Our plan is to host and feature members content across our social media platforms to help solidify the sense of community and encouragement of the teams. 
Joining is simple and free, we are currently accepting players of all levels. Jump into our discord or DM us on Twitter for more details. 


Dota 2



We are looking to put together a DOTA 2 team to play ranked and competitive matches under the Project Kraken banner. We can be found on Discord, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch. Find our guild with-in DOTA.