Hello and welcome everyone to the Reflex clan! There are a few things you should know about this clan before joining. 1.Must have 50+ wins, (Or just talk to me about it) 2.Must have at least 1,000 total kills. 3.Must be above the age of 10. 4.Must be available for team practice and/or scrims,tonts, and events! 5.Platforms include:Xbox,PlayStation, and PC. 6.If you would like to see me play or talk to me go follow me on twitch- https://www.twitch.tv/tufoneflys



Add me epic or ps Benzer105 160 wins decent kills

Be good to  

Be good to  

I would like to try out for ur clan add me Shade_Rhy

Want to try out

My epicgames username: WKHIGTS I’m 12 year olds and I would like to do a tryout for this clan. You can contact me by using snap: @cardinparody


Playground 1v1 eu servers

Add me on EPIC or XBOX: Xkeirann. I have over 50 wins and 1.1k kills and a sick builder :)

Come add me to playground 1v1 me my name is Kari Menez in fortnite

Come add me to playground 1v1 me my name is Kari Menez in fortnite

1v1s Epic Username: Dark_72 HRS

my name on fortnite is TiN_CH1LL3D_ACE the reason why there is a different name is that i cant change my name on forntnite because of the two weeks rule

Practice in Playground

PS4 EpicUsername: ReflexLewis

GTM I have a few wins but can build so try well 1v1 build battles

If you are serious about becoming a pro fortnite player come practice your skills with the best of the best!