RiZing Alliance


PS4, Switch, Xbox, IOS, Android and PC Welcome

Add me: RiZing_CD5YT

Age Limit: Anyone

Who we're looking for: Fortnite players, Editors, Designers, Streamers and Directors

We do Scrims, Tournaments, Playground, Esports, Clan Vs Clans, Squads and LTM

How to join as a Fortnite Player/ Streamer: Add me and leave your Epic so I can add you. We'll do a 1v1 and we'll get into a match. Loose or win or do well ,I'll consider adding you. 

How to join as a Designer/Editor: Upload some to your YT channel and tag it to RiZe/ Leave a link on comments

How to join as a Director: Make a video why you would like to be a Director and upload it to your YT channel and tag it to RiZe

There will be a Discord and YT Channel

RiZing Alliance's Aim: To become a worldwide, Professional clan

Thank you everyone



Try outs  thats it

“Tryouts start on Wednesday”