This is a clan where we help people to get good and get better, even if you are new to the game or a default  including pro players. WELCOME TO THE SCIZZORZ CLAN.



after the first round of clan cup we will just chill and relax

1ST round of The clan  cup every clan come and get your best members max people is 10 people for the clan cup. Every single clan battling to see which clan is the best. Go to my discord for more info about the clan cup rewards are said in discord. Make sure to get your...


hello live fortnite

Lets play duos anyone on my team, make sure to go to my discord there ill give more info 

if you couldn't do the one on Friday then come to the hype night on Saturday hope to see you there

Thank you for joining who ever did:)

lets play one shot together

TRYOUTS after creative

Hope to see you there everyone. If you come thanks but, if you don't its not your fault. Epic all caps ILOVETOBESETH