Have fun, don't rage quit, no swearing, tryout NO EXCEPTIONS, have a mic, if want to join add TidalWaveTerror 
All I Have To Say Is Welcome To Sp34r 
All platforms are well come
we are about good sportsmanship good players only have fun we do clan wars 
game modes we do
trios, squads, creative, zone wars, and box fights
and i'm making a yt/youtube channel subt to Draven Micmiln, and The Bot Games, my yt TidalWave_Playz is my new yt comming out at 12/1/2020



Add BarSetterPro

My user is: frtniteBAD126, i have mic so plz join and i dont rage or ragequit And i dont swear bc im 8

Tell username Im host so my username is TidalWaveTerror/BarSetter 

Give me a request: frtniteBAD126

yo can I try out for the clan My name is fornitepro591 I  have a mic And I DONT SWEAR

More people need username 

We need people today tell me your username 

Tomorrow  is clan tryouts people verified in clan Taco_Viper CountDraven  Me/TidalWaveTerror  Sp34r Trirly Snackx2 Lunctimebandit TheBotGames And thats it ill updatethis list next week 

Big boi,hungry boi galactus is coming

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BIG BOI GALATUS IS COMING