faze JR (for under 13 year olds)

hello everyone! i am Firecatdog2009. that is my fortnite name. to join the clan there are no tryouts just send me a freind request on fortnite and then you just need luck because i will choose 10 random people to be in my clan.if you are a noob you can still join because in this clan only kind people who do not make fun of noobs can join and we will also do lots of training to improve! please join. THANKS oh ya an dif you want to be in you also have to have jR FAZE before your name



i just bored and want to join

Battleing each other

Can i try out for FaZe 

training in creative for everyone from 6:00 to 7:00

squads no fill 

little training on creative everyone can come!

we have one hour of warmup and then the real tournament to see who is in the squad of the clan. there are going to be 3 more tournaments to see who is in the squad because i need allot of time to decide whos in it.

we are having a tournament to see who is moving up to the squad of the clan which is basically a group that do allot of touraments and and competitions and they have to train allot more then the normal people in the clan.

just a little training to meet everyone in the clan.

Meet me, the muffin. I’m new to the clan  

Playing squads at 1 in the morning ( for me atleast) 

pros, begginers and medium players can join this training session from 6:00 to 7:00