Welcome to FDS , if u are not aggressive and don’t push , I would not join . I’m looking for good people . I don’t care about how many wins you have what’s your kd . As long as you rush and take everything front door and play smart for the win. I have about 487 wins in solo . 231 In duo . Squads I have 369. I’m not looking for rage quitters if we lose, we lose together, if we win we win together. I am looking to expand . This is just to have fun for now . Until I am sure that u are a good enough player to were we can go into tournaments. I set up everything in terms of tournaments and just networking in general. If u are pc or xbox or ps4 it does not matter, just be good at building and know how to hold your own when needed. * only requirement that I have is

*must have a mic 

* must 1v1 me and beat me this can be up till best out of 3 . 

* must be respectful and kind to others

* must be a team player * 

if u are applying to be a leader , I don’t want more than 2 or 3 . 

The leads on my team are responsible for updates,  recruiting , and good conduct etc. 

*Leader requirements 

*most pass a editing test 

* most get a minimum of 5 to 10 kills in solo,duo

*most have a mic 

* beat me In sniping 

* edit your way down from a large base. 

*know how to counter a trap. 

. My leaders if chosen, can be eligible  For different gifts and bonus. In terms of gift cards and skins . Depending on how long you been there and how did u place in tournaments. 

.if u are interested email me marcusjy27@gmail.com 

or text .(815-714-1975)

calls will not be answered . 

* Goal To prepare for bigger things and make content for everyone to see . 

* I also play other games such as C.O.D , Battlefield. Etc 

. So if u are someone who like to have fun and also have skill come join .