Team impulse


If You Wanna Play Fortnite With Others, Join A Serious Competitive Team And Simply Have Fun With One Of The Best gaming Communities? Team Impulse is the place to go! Being apart of team Impulse is something you won’t forget. Are You Ready To Join The Journey?



Team Impulse is about making friends and having fun, as well as becoming one of the best fortnite teams! This is a non toxic team!

We also host monthly or weekly giveaways! For vbucks or other items. As Well As Daily Hosting Events, such as Customs, Zone Wars Or Boxfights! We have many members from around the world! Anyone can join!



Click the join tab above!


Then after read the verify-steps channel.

Recap: So After Reading All This What Is The Deal With Impulse? Daily Hosting Events, A Great Community, A Uprising Team, Free Giveaways, One Of The Best Fortnite Teams! 




i have no mic if you want we can play creative of duos squads whatever jus wanna play

this hole clan sucks

I'm a decent mobile player, although mobile was banned, I think I can get in the clan. Stats:  WINS 131 WIN % 13.60 KILLS 3,408 K/D 4.09 I'm looking for a recruiter to 1v1 me.

Can I 1 v1 your members to show that I am good

I have season 1 one acc and level 1,352 i play ps4-Traqifx i dont have and games acc.  

Im a girl:). My account is a season 1 account & level 1,000 account , I would like to join, add me on epic- Vergus Maze & Xbox - CrtiWrld

Do you want to do box fights or build fight also I am on mobile my epic username is FaZe TCoaksy

add me rosstheboss101