TBS (THE BONG SQUAD) is a well dedicated clan to making friends and playing apex to a level we all respect and can appreciate we also have our own discord and also many of our members have TWITCH and or YOUTUBE so please follow us and share our appreciation for the game we all love to play at a higher level :) 
we love our fans so any support thrown our way wont go unnoticeable :) 💯👍😎 we apprectiate you all any fans out there wanting join please look us up on FB THE BONG SQUAD (ORIGINAL) send us a pm and we will set you up to start your trials straight away via our discord chat thank you and hope you are all getting those WINS :) 



anyone wanting to join TBS please find us on our FB page THE BONG SQUAD (ORIGINAL) send us a message and we will send you on your way to your trials and become a TBS members and be part of a family also if you want Add myself on ps4 @TBS_SMOKABONGBRO and join my chat and i will get you up and run...