The Buena Vista Social Club - Jubei'thos

GUILD CREED The Buena Vista Social Club is a guild formed on the idea that any motivated player can enjoy end game content such as raiding and PvP in World of Warcraft. We run focused raids during flexible hours for like-minded individuals who enjoy challenging content, but cannot commit to a traditional full time raid schedule due to professional, educational or family based responsibilities. Our members are very social and we all enjoy catching up with each other during raids, challenge mode dungeons, PvP and activities in other games. Our Ventrilo server is our major communication outlet and we have recently created a group on social media (Facebook) to facilitate easy contact between our members and raid organisation. As a group we value respect and dignity when it comes to working with guild members, but also a sense of humour and humility. During raids our members are encouraged to talk freely over vent except when an encounter is in progress or the raid leader is explaining, which we think strikes a good balance between the professional and social draws of raiding. RAID TIMES AND ACTIVITIES The main official raid day for the guild is as follows: • Sunday beginning at 6:00PM STand concluding at 10:00PM ST. • 1 potential additional evening based on results of recruitment. Current guild progression is 12/13 for normal Hellfire Citadel and 6/13 for heroic Hellfire Citadel. Guild members are also beginning to work on attempting Gold Challenge Mode achievements. These groups are organised on a much more casual basis and vary from week to week based on availability. A portion of our members enjoy instanced and world PvP and participate in this on a casual basis. RECRUITMENT Presently our raiding team consists of 10-12 regular members. Several of us have raided together in older guilds before while others are new faces. We have completed two full raid sessions together at this stage and have found ourselves doing quite well (see progression notes above). However, we have noticed that the smaller group size means that we are much more susceptible to any variation in attendance and that the smaller group has to work a lot harder when it comes to mitigating certain encounter mechanics. As a result we're looking to bump up our group size to a minimum of 14-15. There are several class/spec combinations we would like to pick up that are listed below, but are willing to consider any applicant with the exception of main spec tanks. Healing • Restoration Shaman - We are looking for a strong full time third healer to round out our roster with a particular focus on raid healing. A viable off-spec in the form of enhancement or elemental would also be a great asset. • Restoration Druid - We are looking for a strong full time third healer to round out our roster with a particular focus on raid healing. A viable feral offspec would be a great asset. Melee • Rogue - Preferably competent with multiple specializations to adapt based on the nature of the encounter. • Enhancement Shaman • Feral Druid Ranged • Warlock - Your summoning ability will likely be praised. Applicants will be invited to attend our raid for a trial with an invite to the guild afterwards if performance and attitude is appropriate. If you would like additional information about the guild or would like to join then please leave me a message here in the discussion section. There is no set format for applications, but we'd like to hear a little about about you as a person as well as your raiding experience. A link to your armory profile or character name would also be useful. Best of luck everyone! Arbi



We will be starting on Archimonde this week to continue or progression through the final phase, which I expect will result in a kill providing we have the right turn out. We will then move straight on to heroic progression.


No dicussions.