Hello! My name is TCR_Persona, I am the owner and CEO of The colored Royales (TCR) a brand new clan that works to represent more POC (People of color) in Esports, but we accept anyone no matter who they are or what skin color they are. We have 3 programs in our Clan, Comp, CC, and Management for our 9 games which are, Overwatch, rainbow six, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Call of duty, CS:GO, MW Warzone, and our soon to come Valorant team
(For all Programs you must be 15+, in CC you must be 13+ and it is possible to become a comp player in the future
COMP (Competitive play): Are our highest skilled players, playing in online competitions, and fighting for the number one spot with full passion and dedication, and are invested in winning that cash prize.
CC (Content Creator): This program is tasked with helping grow the channel. they will work side to side with all three programs and are just as major as our Comp and management. With CC there are two more games added for content creation which are GTA 5 and Minecraft and there are unlimited spots for our CC program.
Management: They work to make sure everything runs smoothly alongside me the CEO of the clan, from coaches who help and guide the Comp team to video editors who give us sick vids and last but not least our Content, and Trend-keeping Management who keep us popular.
All spots are open, but all we need is full commitment and a head full of dreams :)
Join our discord and go to our Recruitment chat and summit your skills and make a future as a TCR Pioneer!



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