The girls only Fortnite clan

This clan is for girls only you have to be nice and at least 11 you don't have to change your gamer tag at all so come join 




I’m a girl and crazy and have no earned

Discord Server Invite .ᐟ (2.9k members) Fortnite Girls Only Discord Server

join my lobby Anonymous923573

Come join my party my user is bojoe2k2k sorry about weird user

Hey everyone I’m kinda new to this but I’m looking for girls that are down to play I’m not toxic or a pick me type. I don’t take the game serious I like to play around and meet new people so if I sound like the kind of girl you are looking for add me, my epic is sun_shine467

can i join im a boy and do we have to tryout??

My epic is TTV_GODZILLA0113

its my clan

Clan tryouts  add my epic its : Ther3almyaa_

im doing a fashion show in april 1st 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm         you have to were a youtube skin  no adults 

Im not weird i just wanna prove boys are better and i could clap all of you Edit

hi im not a girl but can i tryout

Tryout onlygorls

Hello, I'm looking for some female players to play and chill with. A permanent Duo partner would be great. I'm not very competitive and also not a native English speaker. I'm from Europe but I play mostly during weird times so your location won't matter. If you don't mind an accent and someone th...

hello, im a 14 yr old girl and i love playing fortnite. if u want to play with me just add me @ anfaalnhulk1     and yeah. I love playing boxfights and i play on ps4, NAE. Don't reply if ur a guy cause i'm looking for female friends :)   drop ur epic

Looking for some other females to play with, don’t bother adding if you’re a dude. Epic name is Msfeed &’ gamer tag is Misfeed. I’m chill older, preferably 18 + 

im a boy can i join please 

Im a boy but I nice and respect everyone can I join??

hi im a male my user is BELKISDANAME im tall guy im 15 i love to play fornite i never been in a clan so i wanna try out im a tall guy  i would love play with girls or guys im shy, funny, stupid,loving and but i dont have a mike :c 

Hi girls... I've been looking for girl players cause I do not really like playing with dudes.  If you're a girl 16+ add me on Fortnite  @ oQueenAD  P.S I won't be adding boys.

yall got a discord?


1v1 people

hey, i wanna game with sum girls i think im okay at the game. lukin forward for a gud gaming time.Not a pervert all right just wanna hav sum fun thts all . add me epic: sulemankhadri1 psn:berserk_boy69

who wanna play squads im a 13 year old girl and i may sound like a boy but i promis im not but im really good at the game and im really nice

Hey who wanna play creative tmr im bored of playing by myself and only playing with mostly guys add me  Epic: katraak007

Hey, I’m a (just turned) 11 year old male, And I’m so bored.... if any of you want to play, just type your username

Hey im an arab girl gamer and i know how to play and i was looking for gamer girls also it would be more nice if u play on ps4🥰

anyone can play just need a really good squad:) i won’t let you down

i’m actually really good at fortnite, and i’ve only played with guys so i’d really like to think there’s more girls out there who actually know how to play. we can play squads or duos i don’t mind:) i’m really nice i promise 😋

Hey I am a boy I want to play fornite with you guys and I am 100 % not toxic

Girls that are ten because I am and are not that good I fortnite cause they I’m not

hey, its pretty rare to find any fortnite girls which are pretty good so i was thinking we could all get together.If you want to come along just add me my user is RayMack305.

invite to a clan war with team impulse. If you are interested in a clan war join our discord and we can set it up

its hard to find gamer girls. so i was thinking we could all get together make some freinds and have a fun time. :)  If you want to join add me, i will accept and ill invite you to the party when the time comes.

anyone can join :)

I really want to join your clan

Really won't to join your clan 

join me  username is Twin_theogwalker

please join me and blade wand destroyer and me and someone else  my username is Twin_theogwalker

My epic is Nixxiesz on ig and my Xbox GT is Nixxiesz please join me I’m bored😓

1v1 build battle

Hey I’m a girl looking for a female gaming friend I’m turning 12 I love playing Fortnite add my gamer tag so we can play Breezy011515

Hi I'm a girl and I'm on my brother's account and I would like to join!

Can I tryout

Hi can I join I’m a gamer girl looking can I join I play on my brothers account and I’m good he doesnt play I asked to change the name but he said no my epic

Hi, am a gamer girl and i want to join your clan and i am 13, the thing is a am not a good player but i really want to join, i have to be a good player to join? Please let me know

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Add me my epic is tsm_Aircool

Its in the name

Can I join;I’m a boy and  I have no friends,I want to join this clan because no one else would except me into there clan,I’m not toxic and I would do anything to join the this clan,my username is OG_basebal,It would mean a lot if I could join*Please*

Please friend me im a boy who also dont have any friends please. My gamertag for epic is Defaultyboi11031 In middle school turning 12.

Hi! I’m scarlett I’m 13 and I’m wondering if anyone wants to play fortnite with me! I have a mic but it only works if I make a Xbox party first so one person must have Xbox! If I get 3 people on I will add my tag so you can add me just drop yours in the comments if your going to participate <3

Please friend me im a boy who also dont have any friends please. My gamertag for epic is Defaultyboi11031 In middle school turning 12 tommorow.

Please can someone friend me it is Defaultyboi im not toxic! PLease  im a boy 11 year old middle shool i have no friends! ); 

Add me at Just.Dance I’m lvl 218 or somewhere around that i wanna try out I’m good at the game ngl but you can see for yourself I’m 11 btw

IM A BOI EEEEEEEEEEEE pls kick me if you care!

Hey I am new to the clan and I just want people to battle with. Don’t be shy friend me (epic user Doctor Diva)

I just want to play some zone wars and and meet some people that don't bully me and that are not toxic

Hi my name is destiny,im 11 and i have a mic!excited...hope u guys respond

we will be doing a fortnite tournament only the clan memebers so if you guys want to join send me your epic and I will add you cause I account wont accept friend request for somereason ok  thank you 

guys anyone up to some squads with me and my friends and then some 2v2 box fights 


Add Notanormalgamer

I am having a fortnite fashion show

join me Llama_Robber

i am a boy but got good skills if anybody want to add me its :russellteam 

We just play a few matches