SMÔKE clan

Hello everyone! I created this clan inspired by one of my friends. The clan tag is actually SMÔKE. We’re a small group of mobile players but playing with us is a guaranteed win! My clan is strictly OG’s only. Feel free to add me, K3LS SMÔKE. You could also add my good friend QUEEN SMÔKE, if I don’t respond or forget to add anyone then you could also add her. 



Iris skin or defult

Awsome map I made so if you want to join me any time you can if you join I'll give vbucks

Can I try out?

For my tryout epic Name= Sn0wManYT

We can do 1v1s my epic is ttvfarmerfanboy

Hi I am a new member can I meet some of you hoes


add me snoopasaurus i dont have a mic though

Use creator code Lupus

I want join the clan my name is  spirit_Leoツ just looking for a clan I only do creative and I play sometimes when I have free time

hit me up wid a fr at nopegunw at fortnite

hit me up wid a fr rec at nopegunw and lets play some sqauds

Can i Join Ur clan 

Just wnt to play with someone

Just wnat to play with someone 

Hey my name is Eli and I want to join a fortnite clan I am a very good fortnite player and i will join your clan!


Add me: IBeSweatingOnU just looking for someone to play

Add my PlayStation 4 account Xxsupreme_tay

If you guys text me we can play. My number is 908-963-3170

Can we pls get an anwser from the idiots that started this clan and never say or do anything with it seriosly 

is the big tournament: name player: SMÔKE-CELLI

1v1 me plz my  epic id is HeyitsmeAdam2.0

Come play with me and let’s get some dubs 

I’m on mobile but people say I’m on Xbox 

I am a mobile plsyer

User name TrashpandaTTV

Clan war                good luck

I’m a very good mobile player and wanted to join. I’ll 1v1 the leader best 2 of 3 if you win I’ll leave 

hi im a moblie player that is looking to join your mobile clan

Hi I'm am galaxy s10 player I'm asking to join a fortnite clan 😀