The Reaper Crew

The Reaper crew, Forged from darkness, strengthened in the waters of the Styx, formally we were cast out by society, Through war our clan disbanded so now we the surviving members of Order 666 have formed a new clan.


Join us as we prepare for war, within our walls you will find a caring community for gamers and warriors alike.

A community built on respect and loyalty, with the reaper guiding us, We will make shields splinter, swords shatter and skulls divide. Join us, become one is, glory awaits as the reaper crew will make its comeback and break through into the Esports community. Reaper guide is  The Reaper crew is a multi platform, multi international community built on respect and peace, We aim to make our community a safe place for people of all walks of life and offer a chalked or those wanting to break into Esports, Every voice is listened too and everyone is respected, We hope to see you in the training grounds recruit.


All Our member are 18+ 

Members of The Outcasts are dedicated to us and to us only so please, if you are in other clans or have other priorities, don't join us. We don't appreciate hoppers.

-No advertising of other Discords.

-Be respectful of others.

-Profanity is allowed. Discriminatory language won't be tolerated

-We have a minimum age limit of 16. Any members that we find/feel to be under 16 will be dismissed from the server per our discretion.

-NSFW or explicit content is not permitted under any circumstances.

-Please do not discuss religion or politics, as those are polarizing subjects. 



No upcoming events.


No dicussions.