[TSR] The Slug Runnerz

Welcome to The Slug Runnerz R6/Siege Clan!


We are currently looking to take in new recruits to join our band of sharpshooters!  THAT MEANS YOU! 

What we're looking for from our crew:  

- Fun people.  This should be an obvious. No one wants to play with sore losers and shit talkers.

- Respectful Teammates.  Also an obvious.  No pissing on the folks that can't keep up with you.  Everyone has their qualities and features that need some work.

- Be on time for ranked matches.  We're not sticklers for this but some people have different schedules than others or a certain amount of play-time so being on time so that every match counts is a great thing.

- No Quitters.  No one likes a sore loser, as explained above.  If you quit a ranked match, it's an automatic 24-72hr ranked ban meaning you will not be able to play ranked matches with the clan during our scheduled times for up to 72hrs.

- LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY We are looking for competitive players to build teams to play competitively.  Anyone want to be good enough to hit the Pro League? Let's get it!

So if you think you have what it takes to be part of The Slug Runnerz, then by all means we are happy to have you as part of the fam. 

Also! It's a work in progress but please be sure to ask about our officially clan website! Featuring our monthly subscription and lottery!


Have fun guys and gals!

Hope to see you all in-game!


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Past Events

  • HAPPY GOBBLE! Slight update on TSR!

    HAPPY THANKS GIVING YALL!     Snuf here,  Just wanted to wish all of you a happy holiday. Hope all your bellies are nice and full of that awesome yummy gobble bird.  Anyways I wanted to pop on and let you all know that the official TSR Facebook/Twitch/Twitter and more pages will be up in the next...

  • Friday Night Trials

    Let's test your skills in this week's FIRST "Trials".   Parties will be split into their own 5 man only chat and show their skills as a team and as individual operators.   At the end of each MATCH (not round lol) a screen shot will be taken of the over all score and any kill shot videos may be se...


  • TSR_Cpt_Snuf

    Active players wanted!

    TSR_Cpt_Snuf — Hey guys, been a while. I am sure we have all been bouncing around from game to game (minus you hardcore r6ers out there of course lol) and the reason behind this post is to invite you all to our T...
    • NoØne

      Rainbow 6

      NoØne — PC, i am an average player, name is RookPeep
      • TSR_Cpt_Snuf


        TSR_Cpt_Snuf — FORTNITE NOW STREAMING LIVE ON TWITCH @ Twitch.com/its_snuf ! Come hang out and have some fun! welcoming players for squad as well.
        • Kanekill

          Ps4 need a 5 men

          Kanekill — My name is N8BOMB8
          • Cheese.Skz

            Pc (Gold)

            Cheese.Skz — Hey, pretty good at rb6 not the best but i will win the matches.
            • Lil_Ubi_Vert22


              Lil_Ubi_Vert22 — Yo can I join I can play both pc and Xbox one pc name is Lil_Ubi_Vert22 and my Xbox is WantingCobra836. For pc I can play mondays and tuesdays when I get out of school and every other weekend and f...
              • SchnitzThePanda


                SchnitzThePanda — I’m on the XB1 and typically play weekends and some weekdays. I’m based off of EST and looking for a competitive team to play siege with. I’m 20 and I’m in NY. My GT:  SchnitzThePanda
                • Google Tango

                  Need a pro clan

                  Google Tango — Gamertag: Google Tango, Platfrom: XB1, Time: I play everyday after im done with school and hockey, Age: 17, Conutry: USA, State: South dakota, Just want to have a good life when i get out of school...
                  • BEERBLISTER

                    NEED A TEAM OR TEAMS

                    BEERBLISTER — Hey guys, I'm new to the clan but just realized I don't play with enough people. I would like some serious friends to play ranked with. I'm a gold average and need some help getting better. I can't...
                    • TSR_Cpt_Snuf

                      FACEBOOK UPDATE

                      TSR_Cpt_Snuf — Facebook page will be up tonight. Finally got some time to organize a few things and bring some good news your way. I think youll all like this one ~>> ;)
                      • DV0UR

                        Joining the clan

                        DV0UR — I am seeking to join your clan, and give it a try. My gamertag is DV0UR (That's a zero - not an 'O') For Xbox Live; On The Xbox One
                        • DM_Me_ur_pets

                          PC joining

                          DM_Me_ur_pets — PC, uplay is DM_Me_ur_pets, I'm gold IV right now, would love a group to play with instead of just solo queue
                          • EdgeAngel10


                            EdgeAngel10 — Can I join this is my PS4 name
                            • Elderassassino


                              Elderassassino — I’m on Xbox Elderassassino how do we join
                              • Kanekill

                                Ranked play

                                Kanekill — What’s ur ps4 name my name is N8BOMB8 
                                • Ryhnoo-

                                  PSN IDS HERE!

                                  Ryhnoo- — Do we know when we are going to be playing together on PS4 and get everything going ?  
                                  • BlueHawkBill

                                    How to start my work in the clan - PC

                                    BlueHawkBill — Self explanitory. I'm playing on PC and in EU regions, so if anyone here has the same stats just contact me through Uplay and we can start playing. Just know that I'm a very knowledgeable leader, s...
                                    • r6_Paid

                                      Need a clan

                                      r6_Paid — Is this for xbox? I'm looking to join a clan so i can actually have a good team.
                                      • TSR DiLLuZioNz

                                        Gt Xbox- oGxZenco

                                        TSR DiLLuZioNz — Yea come join
                                        • BazookaKim


                                          BazookaKim — BazooaKim <--- hit me up
                                          • BlueHawkBill


                                            BlueHawkBill — I do, I sent a friend request under the name "BlueHawkBill", so just add me when you can :)
                                            • TSR DiLLuZioNz


                                              TSR DiLLuZioNz — Yes
                                              • tony montana721


                                                tony montana721 — tony montana721 on xbox
                                                • Invisble_Panda

                                                  Vocês são um clã de PS4 ou pc

                                                  Invisble_Panda — Vcs são de pç ou PS4?
                                                  • TSR_Cpt_Snuf

                                                    PSN Names Here

                                                    TSR_Cpt_Snuf — its_snufulufugus
                                                    • TSR DiLLuZioNz

                                                      Glad to meet you!

                                                      TSR DiLLuZioNz — Make a competitive team