This clan is a mobile sweat clan *ONLY MOBILE*

We are having 3 people for my Squad and the rest are for like zone wars  and u must have over 25wins I have 114 wins 



Hey i am a new member can i try out my epic is CloudCloud

Hey I’m a new member can I try out

Hi, I’m a new leader so can I get gifted something? My epic is ChopStix_Ninja

Umm I’m a new member that plays mobile fortnite and I’m cracked is there any possible way I can join 

add me

Bored and have nothing to do I don’t have a mic 

Epic: Ameedullah

I just want someone to play with my name is tbeast_YT please have a mic

Im a mobile SWEAT

 Need a sweaty duos partner but we have to go into creative first

 Need a sweaty duos partner but we have to go into creative first

I don't know what to do in this clan.

Please I want to join I’m mobile

1v1 me i just joined im on iphone x user is mssivemacaroni

1v1 me 

lets all play together

It my first joining the clan I want to see if I’m good 1v1 me

Send me you name 

name is   El_Disparo 

1v1 me dude I’m a sweat lol my name is Kid_on_moBile

Battles against me


I'm on mobile don't worry

1v1  me and ad me at Joshenator99 

Can I join I’m super sweaty and good

I got 136 wins and I play Arena and I wanna join your clan 1v1 creative ok