(TMM) team mad men

must be under 14 and Australian

Tryouts are best of 5 build battles or my practise course in 6.5 mins and quick edits must have a mic and no toxicity,

must at least 10 solos and 20 wins altogether and a KD of 0.5

TRICK SHOT make a MINUTE video of trick shot clips and send to RamdomMan06@gmail.com

EDITOR edit a 2-minute video and send to RamdomMan06@gmail.com I will watch it as fast as I can and reply in about 14 days


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • creative meet up

    creative meet up: 1v1s and Let clan members try out your creatives  50v50 and squads to  

  • ya mum

    time become gay