[TXC] ToXiC Gaming






  • Have at least one win
  • Play strategic
  • Have some knowledge about editing and building
  • Can get at least 2 kills a game
  • Be nice

Hello! Welcome to ToXiC gaming! Here we are a freindly clan who support each other and grow better as a gamer. Right now we are only based on Xbox but in the future we may appoint leaders to take this to other platforms.  I am working on getting us either a discord or an Riot.im . We will hold 4 man squad games every week most likely and you can get into that squad by how well you perform each week. Sooner or later we will compete in tourneys.


 Rainbow Six Requirements

  • Have at least one gun skin
  • Have decent knowledge about the game
  • Be willing to cooperate with teammates
  • Have strategy

Just name what game you want to be in so i can split it up 

Thanks for considering joining ToXiC! 


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events