“There was some transcendent importance that it gave to life,” she said. Henceforward she associated with various friends, who sought her because of her transcendent charms.”

<Transcendent> Is a re-establish guild looking to restart an epic journey, with your help, by surpassing the "normal" standards in game play.

We are recruiting active players of all styles/backgrounds/genders to help create an atmosphere that raises the bar in current game play settings. Establish long lasting friendships, in game as well as out of game, and make the time you have enjoyable and fun; while challenging one another to push towards and transcending even your own expectations.

“Transcendent must he be, rising above all limits, even the limit of life and death.”



Coffee with Omni! Lets make a plan to start recruiting, how to go about it and some of goals and outlooks in the future! Ventrillo at 8am you guys!