we are non toxic and never rude and gift skins to members and would love for anyone to tryout for the xr_clan

our clan is mostly about having fun and playing with friends and making new friends our clan is about teamwork



its gonna be a fashion show and you need to do something like uh youtubers skins

I'm a pc player but right know I am on console because I am at one of my family members houses

I live on the west so im NA-West so if your on east your time 3hrs ahead of me so it will be 5.00pm

The winner gets $300  2th and 3th gets 200 and everyone else gets 100

hi i just joined can i tryout?

add me im alaskaking29906

add me alaskaking29906

So I have no mic but I will let u know  win u are in  come  rn I cuz I have no clan person 

i want to 1v1 yall and also play team rumble

ill like to 1v1 everyone who want to join the clan

try win and be the best fortnite player

Lets play a Creative for me to ass fuck yall

i have no skins

clan try out ((((((((https://padlet.com/jordencochran0301/xy8r61h5y4srtcu4 my music