Welcome to Wolf Clan just friend me and I will accept or you can dm on instagram @troyleeig We do CLAn scrims Thanks and I hope you join the clan!!😎✌️👌 Wolf clan🐺

add me my epic is: egirl troy

PS. WoLF_22 hours is co leader



hi whatsapp i want join to your clan

If you want to join the clan friend me on epic!! Only 6 spots left on wolfclan!!!

do you want to test me so i can join the clans cause im noob

i wanna 1v1 

i wanna 1v1 

Tryouts to be co-leader and be in the main squad of wolf clan our Youtube channel will be made in a couple days. If you want to be on the videos you have to be in our main squad!! Tryouts tomorrow   

This tournament will be only for angrypanda sloths and karma00 and me Tleenite. Streaming on at 6:00 pacific time

hope all wolf clan members attend this tournament on Saturday prize is 5000 vbucks😲!! 

this event will be tryouts for the clan thanks hop you join