[XDN] Xbox Dub Nation

Xbox one players only. Play smart. Help each other out. Have fun. The best rank is the great gods , then the Kinds , then the knights , then the  beginners  which you start out as then rank up.


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Past Events

  • Squad up to see what you got.

    Me and stagdude are going to play squads with clan memebers to see if they are good enough to get ranked up to play with us anytime go add us as a xbox friend at JAKEKILLy or epic friend at Jakekillzerizer and Stagdude at stagdude247341


  • MoneyForDayzSon

    Who wants to play duos with me I’m not the best player ever just looking to get better

    MoneyForDayzSon — Names David add me at likkamypussee on epic  
    • FireBear2423

      How to tryout

      FireBear2423 — How do we tryout and when will we be tested
      • KaoticYT

        Clan tryout

        KaoticYT — currently looking for a clan I’m a hood Xbox player that can boddie people when I go try hard and I’m very chill 
        • IzDANGERzI


          IzDANGERzI — Mi ID de usuario IzDANGERzI ID ai big no L
          • WiCkEdGiAnT


            WiCkEdGiAnT — My xbox name is WiCkEdGiAnT2006 and I wanna join 
            • mrmaccabee


              mrmaccabee — my xbox name is kylemaccabee   if you want me to put something in the front of it or behind it i will
              • Meeges578


                Meeges578 — fortnite  
                • ConnorPlayz293


                  ConnorPlayz293 — I am wanting to 1v1 someone epic game name is GingerCPlayz29. Xbox name is ConnorPlayz293
                  • deadpool8496

                    I wanna join the clan

                    deadpool8496 — May I please join Im willing to 1v1
                    • [XDN]yLuxs


                      [XDN]yLuxs — Who i need to add to join in the team
                      • ChARmiNg_CooledWinner962


                        ChARmiNg_CooledWinner962 — i play on ociana server
                        • BemusedCelery37


                          BemusedCelery37 — Add me or my epic. They both are BemusedCelery37. Send us a message and I’ll invite you. 
                          • Chezz2000


                            Chezz2000 — whats servers do you play on? 
                            • Razorsharpwolf1

                              How do I join?

                              Razorsharpwolf1 — Please tell me how to join
                              • Connormax


                                Connormax — who am I adding on Xbox ?