You're dog water kid get out my lobby (not toxic :D )

If you want your dreams to come true then join if not then just know that if you're a simp then you will never find a gf to put your Minecraft bed next to and if you are a girl then you will never EVER be able to date "Justin" if so then join. but in all realness join if you want to, I'm just a person looking for friends to play with and have fun with, and plus maybe you might find some people you can relate to but yea that is all, really if you do read this and don't decide to join just know that I would like for you to have a good day 👍

rules do not apply to anti simps ,and egirls or gamers girls because they already are dating a "Justin" or have already dated one, I do not take any responsibility for anyone who takes this seriously(like for real I'm joking don't really think you will get to date "Justiiiin"




my user is  Bugs 

If you are a Xbox Gamer come Join Team TopDown 

I am making a clan i want 5 people in my clan it´s called thunder pros my name is Jacob people that i recruit name is Jaiquan Rodney Riley Chris Genesis as the editor bye see you guys on saturday time 7:00 .

Sorry didet makemit

Im good i wanna join my epic is Faze_lengendbot

Pls join  My epic is  MasterXDiscpline

Please join

ill play on dis date

literally didn't think some one would want to join so I wasn't planning on doing tryouts :/ but yeah Fortnite ig :/