This is a clan named YTX and we are currently looking for players and people.It was made by YouTube called Frytixsz. We do Gaming, Art, and Music. This organization is separated into different departments : Gaming, Music, and Art. As soon as you join the clan, you will be tested and ranked. For instance, if you want to be the leader of a certain department such as gaming, you must ask one of the clan’s representatives OR the leader of that certain department so you can get judged on your skills. If the judges think that your skilled enough, you can then challenge the current department leader and overthrow him/her of their throne.

After that, you will be ranked #1 (Leader) of that department and he will be ranked #2. But whoever holds the 2nd rank, he/she can challenge you at anytime to take back their throne.


If you have any questions please contacts us at ytxofficial.business@gmail.com


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