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Clan for AD Navy and vets to hang out and chill
We cant are run running for esports 
TFS1Task Force Sentinel 1
Task Force Sentinel 1 is a MILSIM style unit. HONOR, LOYA...
GGGolden Ghosts
You Have to be good we 1v1 and we are Goated at sniping.W...
CWDCan't Won't Don't
Private Applications Are Held Once A Month, Be ready for ...
MrcyMercy Gaming
12+ Snd/Trickshotting/Rainbow6 We play on many different ...
NITENightmare Clan
 Nightmare Clan has been around for several years, with a...
GrimGrim reaper clan
Yo we like Modern warfare
MWC MythicâlWølf Član
A Clan that Play games and get to know each other. I'm a ...
We are the BomberNation24. 
Anyone can join have to beat one of the members in a 1v1
Official page of the v2 Clan. 
LGTLGT sniping
Sniping clan call of duty
LGTLGT sniping
Welcome to iShoot! We primarily play 2K & COD
UrlUprising rivals
This clan is a bassis for 13 and up if you want to join a...
Mr_Modern Reapers
Modern warfare grim reaper have fun playing modern warfare.
The Sentinel/TaskForce is a clan that is wanting its name...