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Boys and girls clan
My clan is not a about winning okay it's about never givi...
coolASH clan
we accept good people and we treat them like family
LolSingle people to get together 11+
Pls join
Clanfortnite nitendo switch clan
a fortnite clan with only switch players
EpicGirl fortnite squad
U have to be a girl and play fortnite  I am  bethany the...
TGOC The girls only Fortnite clan
This clan is for girls only you have to be nice and at le...
YEETYou're dog water kid get out my lobby (not toxic :D )
If you want your dreams to come true then join if not the...
guys, we started this clan for the gamers. And please wri...
<3CourtDog24 Only
<3 <3 <3
TBCESilence family
We hang out
SPSilenced Pain
fighting for the number one spot 
xrwe are non toxic and never rude and gift skins to members and would love for anyone to tryout for the xr_clan
our clan is mostly about having fun and playing with frie...
HEY TEAM DNL clan is all about...
SUPREME clan gifts you a skin when you join USER: TTV_coo...
raidraid clan
well i have wanted a fn clan for a long time and get famo...
FaZeFaZe Clan
Join The Discord:
Yo this is for RipRaRaa u must be followed to her to join...
ingi need a girlfreind thats 9-10 that plays roblox or fortnite
dating clan