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CFFEThe best clan ever we gift peapole every time we Get v bucks on fortnite
The clan is about how to be better at the game. And have ...
xrwe are non toxic and never rude and gift skins to members and would love for anyone to tryout for the xr_clan
our clan is mostly about having fun and playing with frie...
Goated Fortnite Gaming Clan Years 13-18 Boys & Girls
BFSJGirl clan
Hi I’m Mackenzie for this clan u would have to be a girl ...
AQATeam Aqua
Discord Link: We are Team ...
1. No Swearing 2. 11+ in age 3. At least 5+ wins or 400...
im a pro fortnite player have to have a yt and twitch xbo...
we  all love controller players*
  My clan help bots git good gift things 
eWe support people and we are not toxic
We help people get better at fortnite and support them pl...
NSNNo Skin Nation
No skins welcome we will not judge
84infin8te l4zy (Nintendo switch clan)
Yooooooooooo......... What is up its yo boi Adrian here w...
Clanfortnite nitendo switch clan
a fortnite clan with only switch players
SNPKSuomen nuorten pelaajien klaani
Suomalainen nuorten fortnite pelaajien klaani pääse pc,ps...
i need a boyfriend that 15 or 16 im 15
RDYReady clan
A fun meme clan to get better if you want to join send RD...
PROPro Clan
Pro Caln want to build a professional team to play in tou...