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YTYoung Thugs
New clan. Tryout to join. Follow on Twitch @YT_Alpha
Must Be a Sweat
OX13Oxnard G’s
Oxnard,California G’stas Only
MMM Clan
We are the Moist men
The buzzy fortnite team
PrT might sound like a fart, but it's actually Porto ! Lo...
RNARenault Never Assualt
This team always try’s their best and gets those dubs.
KJZKeyboard Junkiez
18+ New clan made in 2018. Looking for both fun and comp...
TRLTrust or Love
Fortnite Serious Players, we only go for for dubs and we ...
TXDThe X Division
The X division consist of players who just want to have f...
GuC stands for: Gamers United Clan. We can play serius an...
Young gamers allowed. NO SQUEAKERS! Must have over 20 win...
FLXFlextape Gang
we flex like lil tay, but we nice like ninja
RsReborn Savages
Rules 1.You gotta be a savage 2.No god dam spamming 3....
Välkommen till Min clan det är bara och fråga mig ifall d...
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