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GLXYTeam Galaxy
Come join the glxy clan Discord:
THR6Team Hive
PLATFORM IS PLAYSTAION4 PS4     Hello Sieger, To be a...
We are a new clan looking for members with any level and ...
This clan is an Xbox only clan "Pro league" There are sim...
Xbox one recruiting 2Brazy on top
You have to be a gold 3 or higher at least a level 100
Small Xbox R6 Clan. Open for tryouts
HaveHavoc Esports
We play a lot more games than just r6 but we are opening ...
Gotta Register And Beat one of us in a 1v1
Astro Gaming
    Who are we? We are a team Astro Gaming. We are looki...
Force one
We’re becoming a competitive rainbow six siege team and l...
TACTeam Reptid
This clan is about playing with others, and improving skill.
Aegis PS4
Welcome to Aegis, My Name Is Casper. I Decided To make th...
Tranq team accepts Bronze 5+ to be members but teaches lo...
TPEThe Purple Eskies
 The Purple Eskies gaming team! A newly founded Oceanic g...
RTZRTZ esports
plat 3+ pc 2.00kd+ join for more info
This clan is about improving skills, and having fu with o...
BSKCBerserk Clan
We are here to have fun. And play as a team with competit...