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Testing Clan
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Acheron Pozzo
MDCMystic Diamond Clan
The best clan, the most fun clan, the KINDEST clan of all
OBOptimal Baddies
Optimal Baddies is a guild founded by long-time gamers wh...
SGSchool Girls
School Girls
KOTNKingdom of the North
Welcome All Friends and family. Kingdom of the North was ...
LALast Attemt
Guild Portuguesa de World of Warcraft no servidor Tarren ...
DPHDirty Pirate Hookers
We are a small, AOTC  raid focused guild (10-20 active pl...
KoAKnights of Avalon-RuneTotem
We are a new guild looking for new and veteran players fo...
RaNRaid at Night
Tagsüber arbeitest du bis spät Abends? Du willst mit Dein...
AIBAnything is Better
Mythic Raiding on Silvermoon
PIXPix Bros
Social wow clan pushing Mythics
WoW guild
AtA team
Clan de A team.
FEFallen Empire
Fallen Empire WoW Guild - Bleeding Hallow - US