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ABAurora Borealis
Scandinavisk Klan 10/10 MC 
Sturmtruppen EU Lakeshire
Mi Smo Gucci
guci brate
PMProject Mayhem
Project Mayhem
Senile Chieftains
Senile Chieftains Shazzrah EU
TUEThe United Exiles
The United Exiles - Hydraxian Waterlords-EU
OoWOlds of Warcraft
This game is for people above 35 years old that don't hav...
TGThose Guys
Nostalgia is a potent drug... yes indeed
SGStavern Gaming
Folk fra stavern som gamer
DKDunkle Kreaturen
Feierabend Gilde mit Fokus auf Spaß
Quartz bitches!
JAJust Arrived
<Just Arrived> created for first time back in retail WoW ...
ARAxem Rangers
Twst<Twisted> Arcanite Reaper
<Twisted> is looking for active 55+ members to fill our r...
CCCasual Conquest
<Casual Conqueat> is a new guild made for those who don't...
Nordlys is a raiding guild , this signup is for pugs
Harmony, Hordegilde auf Everlook